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About Us

Social Beast was formed in 2017 by James Flaherty, who, after working for major brands, global agencies and independent boutique advisors, decided to offer an alternative – affordable, tailored and impactful marketing solutions built on need, not just what an agency has in its bag of tricks.

Specialising in working with interesting people who do interesting things, Social Beast has become the trusted advisor to businesses looking to tell their story, connect with their customers and do so easily, simply and without the need to constantly budget more and spend more on complex services that don’t do what you need them to do; connect with your audiences.

And the name? Well why have a social animal, when you can have a Social Beast?

Meet The Social Beasts

We’re a small team of experienced marketing professionals who work collaboratively with you and your team to become and essential part of your marketing and communications.

Who We Are

James Flaherty - Social Beast

James is an award-winning marketing and communications professional with two decades of experience honed in Australia and the UK.

His strategic planning, marketing and communications expertise encompasses business-to-business and consumer marketing and is underpinned by a deep understanding of the customer and storytelling, which are used to develop brands and their commercial performance.

Throughout his career, James has supported blue-chip brands, small businesses, start-ups and industry associations in the construction, infrastructure, automotive, financial services, software, media and not-for-profit sectors.

Who We Are

Simmone Suski - Social Beast

Simmone Suski is a dedicated Marketing Operations Coordinator known for her professionalism, passion and warm approach. With a focus on building strong partnerships, she envisions relationships with clients and colleagues as collaborative journeys of shared ideas and leading solutions. Simmone excels in understanding client needs and crafting engaging content to elevate brand identities.

Beyond work, Simmone is a homebody who enjoys spending quality time with her young family, hosting gatherings, and indulging her creative side in restoring old furniture, dabbling in clay, and arranging bespoke floral arrangements.

Why are we different?


We pride ourselves on our relationships and the length of time we work with our clients, having supported many of our clients from day one to today.


We work with you to support your business, commercial goals, and strategic objectives, working together in a trusted partnership.


We understand business, marketing, communications and consumer behaviour, tailoring our strategic approach to your business and customers.


As your trsuted partner, we don;t just come up with the ideas, we work collaboratively with your team to deliver them practically, efficiently and affordably.

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