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Brackenway Consulting

Faced with the challenge of growing their new business we worked with Brackenway to use LinkedIn branding and growth strategies to acheive great results.

 is a commercial, risk, contract management and contract facilitation consultancy focused on the construction, engineering and resource industries.


Web Design


Social Media Strategy


Content Development

what did we do

Our goal was to help Jon to promote himself and Brackenway as an authority in his industry and to use the power of LinkedIn to showcase his expertise.

From helping with initial strategy, setting up the account basics and helping with a content marketing plan and execution, Jon’s profile has never been greater.  His content is valued and respected and most importantly his efforts across social media and marketing are securing him with continuous opportunties to grow his business.

It was important that we picked the right social media and marketing channels for Jon and that was always going to be LinkedIn. As a professional with a professional services business, LinkedIn was always going to lead the way. Other channels like Twitter and LinkedIn were established and branded to create a presence, but they are very much secondary opportunities, the hero was always going to be LinkedIn.

Want to know the power of Social Beast? Check out the confidence we gave Jon to take on The Magnificent 7

Web Refresh

We worked with Jon to transition from a SiteBuilder platform to a dedicated WordPress site that reflected the professional direction of his business.

Communications Strategy

Worked to help develop a simple communications strategy that can be implemented by a business owner with minimum effort, fuss and time commitment.

Social Media

We set up Brackenway’s social accounts and ensured each platform was branded and ready for content.

Blogging Support

Provided a blogging strategy, feedback and advice so that Jon is now a respected content producer, known as an industry expert and leader in his field.

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